Invalid Scores on Leaderboard

Currently, I am in first place on the leaderboard for Power Laws: Forecasting Energy Consumption.
However, the majority of my submissions were made using future values and are therefore not valid. I figured this out recently because I was suspicious of my scores relative to everyone else. I apologize for cluttering the leaderboard with invalid submissions and my top valid score using no future values is currently 0.001784.

I would appreciate if it were possible to flag your own submissions that are invalid in order to not mislead others. If the moderators let me, I am also willing to remove my first 24 submissions. In the future, a better idea for structuring the competition would be to provide training data only for the past and providing none of the values for any test periods so competitors cannot make this mistake. Other than that point, I think the competition is well-organized.

Again, I am sorry for the misleading entries, and I hope this can be corrected.

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