Are whales in the test set the same as in the train set?

Hi, I want to know general information about the test set because I’m not sure if the test set will contain only unseen images or images from train too. Also I’m not sure if the test set will contain new whale_ids or they will be the same as in the train set.

I hope you can clarify this doubts :slight_smile:

Hi @bryanyahir03,

Good question. We’ve added a sentence to the Problem Description to make this a little more transparent.

The test set will include some images and whale IDs that you have seen in the train set, and others that are completely new.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply, and yes, this helps a lot. It’s more clear now.

I have another question about the test set. Is there a maximum or minimum number of images that each scenario database will contain?

Hi,What is the target variable for the training data ?

Hi @bryanyahir03,

We’ve added a table to the Problem Description that clarifies the sizes of the scenario databases and query sets.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Advait124,

This competition is a learning-to-rank information retrieval task. The Problem Description might help orient you on the overall task.

Also, for future reference, you can create a new thread for future questions so that each thread stays focused on a particular topic:

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Good luck!