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Are all B02/B03/B04/B08 images in Planetary Computer?

Is the training data a subset of the sentinel-2-l2a data from the Planetary Computer? For some chips (e.g. bgny) I can’t match the images with anything in the Planetary Computer.

Also, where is datetime in the training data coming from? For images matching items by date in the Planetary Computer, the rest of the timestamp doesn’t correspond exactly.


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@stefan.istrate yes, the training data is all available in the sentinel-2-l2a dataset of the Planetary Computer. You are right, it is a little tricky to match. We’ve written a separate tutorial on pulling in additional bands, and it will be made publicly available in the planetary computer repo (this folder) soon - that should answer your questions when it comes out!

The datetime comes from Sentinel-2 metadata. It’s possible it won’t match exactly to the chip in the planetary computer. We recommend searching with a bit of a buffer on each side (we tried 30 min).

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@stefan.istrate letting you know our tutorial on pulling in data from the Planetary Computer is published here! Hope that helps.

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