Any body who wanna join my group?

Plse reply and lets pull off our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

Hi. I am interested in joining your team.

hello Adrien, & welcome!

Great ! I’m pleased to be part of “Our team”. Let’s have some fun now !

Hi Gilbert. I have already made 12 submissions and on the leader board I have the 108th rank. I want us to try new things, new submissions. Please let me know when you will be ready to discuss about the methodology we are going to use in our team to make analysis an then new submissions.

Hi, am stocked! How do we continue from here? Successfully created group but how do I/we communicate/share codes within the created group? :thinking: Any tips?


Yes - I would like to join the team!

Hi, I want to join the group. Thanks - Meetu

Hi i am keen to.
I also tried the submission.
I think trees are good models here with this dataset


I would love to join your team, too!
Cheers, Flo


I would like to join your group.



Am I too late? :frowning:

Hi. May be could share some code on github ? Is it allowed during this competition ?

Hi there, can we team up? Count me in and let’s find a time to chat 10 minutes, and find a way to collaborate.

Hi All,

Can I join in?

Hi All,
I want to join group