$10K for summertime code refactoring: The Upcoming Development Contest

Dear Contestants,

One of the key goals of the Differential Privacy Temporal Map Challenge is to advance de-identification technologies that are responsive to the public safety community. To that end, the final phase of the Challenge is our Open Source and Development Contest.

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Following the Third Algorithm Sprint, teams that submitted to final scoring in any sprint and whose algorithms that have been validated as differentially private are invited to make their source code open source with an appropriate license. Up to 10 qualifying teams who make their code open source will receive $4000 each.

Qualifying teams are also invited to submit a Development Plan describing how they would use 4 months to improve their code and documentation. Up to 10 qualifying teams will receive $1000 for approved plans.

Following the Development Plan approval, teams will have three months to execute their Development Plan. Each team with an approved Development plan is eligible to receive up to $5000 based on how well they execute their plan

Please refer to the Official Rules of the Challenge for complete details.


Teams who wish to participate in the Open Source Contest must email psprizes@nist.gov with their submission details by July 6, 2021 with the following information:

  1. “DeID2 Open Source Submission” as the subject line.

  2. The name of your submission in the Algorithm Contest.

  3. A URL to open source repository, which contains:

  • Full solution source code,
  • Complete documentation for the code,
  • A complete written explanation of their algorithm,
  • Any additional data sources used other than the provided data set(s),
  • A correct mathematical proof that their solution satisfies differential privacy,
  • An open source license.

In the event there are more than 10 eligible submissions, leaderboard scores will be used in determining prizes (with priority given to performance in later sprints).


In order to make code more usable NIST, PSCR is incentivizing teams to improve their code and its documentation. This can include improvements to code architecture, code style, configurability and generalizability, user interfaces, error handling, unit testing and other software engineering considerations that are important when moving from research prototypes to production systems. We will provide an overview and guidance on this process at a webinar in the coming weeks.

Any team who submitted to final scoring and whose algorithm was validated as differentially private is eligible. To participate, teams must email their Development Plan to psprizes@nist.gov by July 6, 2021. The development plan must be no more than 4 pages (as a PDF document) and should contain:

  • A set of project goals. Each goal should be: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and accomplishable within 90 days,
  • Milestones with dates describing the progression of accomplishing the goals that the team intends to achieve within the 90 days,
  • A description of how their developed code will benefit the public safety community after development. For example, will it be developed into a commercial product? Will it be deposited in an open source repository?, and
  • A brief proposal to de-identify a dataset relevant to public safety. Teams may identify an existing dataset or they may identify a public safety agency with whom they intend to collaborate.

Development plans will be evaluated on their appropriate scope and planning, adherence to established standards, improvements to code utility, public safety benefit.



  • If you want to participate in the Open Source contest, deposit your code in an open source repository by 6 July 2021 and make sure to include an open source license.
  • If you want to participate in the Development Contest, submit a development plan by 6 July 2021.
  • Teams can participate in either, both, or neither contest.
  • See the Official Rules of the Challenge for complete details.