Where to write code?

can we use any web based platform notebooks like https://colab.research.google.com/ or https://jupyter.org/ to train our model ? Or is there any limitation to use only some specific notebook platforms?

@avanisingh Good question! For development, you can use web based platform notebooks and we do not have notebook platform limitations.

However, keep in mind that after the competition concludes we will ask all competition winners to submit their code files so that we can validate the results. At that point, we will need files that can be run locally (.ipynb, .py, .sh, etc), rather than on Google colab.

Good luck!

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I know it may be an unusual request, there is a video that explains how to download the data, can you help us?

@elvispz we do not have a video, but I would recommend reviewing the benchmark blog post. There is a section on pulling and processing feature data that will likely be helpful.

Good luck!