Where are the images

Hello, Iam Rohit. I have a doubt over here that we have to work with the help of the images.
But the images are not here, only the metadatsets and some other datasets are present.Can anyone help me if iam misleading or the image folders are yet to come

check the file named ‘downloading_image_archives.txt’ which shows how to download the dataset

I have unserstood the process of installation can you guide through the process of thei sproject becaues i havent understood anything much from the problem description, like, what all files should i install and how to use them,
Yours/Anyone’s help will be appreciated
Rohit kumar

All images being used for ISC are hosted in AWS S3, not DRIVENDATA.
So, you need to download the images (training, reference ,query) from AWS S3 by using aws s3 command.
As JiaqiWANG says, following some instructions in downloading_image_archives.txt, you can do that.