What to code the classification rate and what does it mean?

Hi all,

This is my first time in a competition. I am wondering what does the classification rate mean?

classification rate = (1/N) * I( y = y_hat )

I don’t understand if y is equal to y_hat, then I( y = y_hat ) return 1 or 0. Or it is the other way around? How can I code this into R?

Thank you so much for helping me in advance. This is my first time in a competition, so I hope I did not sound silly for asking a question like this. Thanks!

It is 1 minus the error rate.


I coded this in R by looking at the description:

The metric used for this competition is the classification rate, which calculates the percentage of rows where the predicted class y^y^ in the submission matches the actual class, yy in the test set.

In other words, it’s the percentage correctly classified.
I did it like this:

  1. Calculate number of rows where your prediction was correct. In my case, I have a data.table with the id, the predicted class and the real class. Then count the number where predicted == real,

  2. Divide by number of rows on which you predict. ( nrow() )

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