The sequence of fish in the submission file

In the submission_format file, there is a row for each frame of a video. As the fisherman places a fish on the ruler, the fish shows up in multiple adjacent frames. However, in the annotation for a video in training set, it seems for each unique fish, only one of the adjacent frames is labeled as having a fish. My question is that whether other adjacent frames should be predicted as having a fish in it in the submission file? When computing the first part of the sore, is a sequence of unique fish in a video fed into the formula of the score?

Hi @XiaokangWang, yes, you should predict for each of the adjacent frames where you can clearly see the fish. As long as the fish_number is the same, those frames will be grouped when creating the sequence for the edit distance part of the metric!

Hi bull. Thanks for your clear reply.

Hi @bull,

If we consider the only cases when we clearly see the fish, should we include following cases:

  1. when the worker’s hand is above the fish and partly overlaps it
  2. when the fish moves because worker throws the fish away?

Thank you very much.