The incomplete imageio

Hi, I submit the code to run. Using the pre-install imageio, there is an error occurs. It seems very easy to solve (In fact, I solve it on my local machine).
The error is

File "/code_execution/", line 33, in videos_to_images
vid = imageio.get_reader(QRY_VIDEOS_DIRECTORY + ls[i],  'ffmpeg')
File "/srv/conda/envs/condaenv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/imageio/", line 159, in get_reader
image_file = imopen(uri, "r" + mode, **imopen_args)
File "/srv/conda/envs/condaenv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/imageio/core/", line 160, in imopen
raise err_type(err_msg) from err_from
ImportError: The `FFMPEG` plugin is not installed. Use `pip install imageio[ffmpeg]` to install it.

It can be easily solved by pip install imageio[ffmpeg]. Could you help me to make the pre-install imageio complete? Thanks

Hey @wenhaowang-

I’ve just made an update to explicitly install the ffmpeg backend for imageio via pip. The matching track update is still building but will be pushed either tonight or tomorrow morning.

In the future, you can submit a PR to the runtime repos updating the GPU and CPU environment.yml files with the appropriate package. In this case, because imageio was already installed as a dependency of another package, I’ve made the change, but in general we do not necessarily support anything that is not explicitly contained and versioned within the environment files.

Let me know if you run into any additional issues!


Thanks for the reply. That helps. I will submit PR in the future.