Submission close

On the main page, the following is stated:

March 16, 2020, midnight UTC

Submissions close.

I presume this means UTC 24:00:00 on Match 16th

However as at 03:15:06 UTC Sunday, 15 March 2020 on the same page it is saying ‘1 day left’- which could be interpreted that close date is actually UTC 00:00:00 on Match 16th (ie Midnight UTC 24:00:00 on March 15th)

Could you please clarify the closing UTC hour and date please.

UPDATED: In case people were confused by the midnight deadline, we’ve gone with the deadline that gives folks a little more time. Submissions now close at March 16 23:59:59 UTC. If you’ve got some extra time now, consider polishing up your Responsible AI submissions–we’re very excited to review these and share them broadly!

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Hi @daveluo_gfdrr Hi @bull,

Thanks for organizing this nice competition. We really enjoyed it.
I am wondering how is the private score computed?


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Hi everyone,
Thanks @daveluo_gfdrr @bull for the competition. This was my first segmentation competition.

Also many thanks to @johnowhitaker for the initial starter code. I used segmentation models library by qubvel (competition winner) and got 69th position.

Code link: