Setting final submissions?

How do we set final submissions in this competition? I cannot see any option that allows me to do so.

Any clarification is appreciated.


Any updates here? I have the same question

When ready go on “Submission” on your dashboard then click “Make new submission” and upload the file

That’s not his question, @WilfriedF. Usually, at least on Kaggle, we can select up to two submissions that will be considered for the final leaderboard. We can’t find any way to select the final submission here. I guess the DrivenData will simply select the best score from the public leaderboard, but that’s not always optimal.

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Maybe someone who already competed on DrivenData can explain how the selection works?

Hi all - Thanks for checking on this. There isn’t submission selection for this competition, so all submissions count. The leaderboard will be based on your submission with the best private score. If for some reason you need to disqualify a submission you can email us to explain.

Hope that helps!

there is the phenomenon of overfitting. so we will not submit the one with the best public leaderboard score. rather we will choose one that balances the score between the public leaderboard and local validation


Someone can explain me the difference between the columns “score” and “private score” in the private dashboard? This is my first competition.

The ~18000 samples in the test set are split into public and private sets. Until the end of the competition, you see your top10 accuracy measured on the public set on the leaderboard. The actual ranking of the winners is done according to their top10 accuracies measured on the private set, which is revealed after competition end.

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Thank you @sorrge

And congratulations to the winner of course! :slightly_smiling_face: