Questions about Similarity Challenge Rules

I just wanted to clarify some of the rules for the Similarity Challenge:

  1. Are you allowed to set some of the data from the Training Set aside for Validation and Test Sets during Phase I of the challenge? and

  2. Ground Truth Labels are provided for half of the Query Set Images but no labels should be used for developing your model?


Hi johnnyg6809. Welcome to the competition!

  1. Yes, you can certainly do that.
  2. We are encouraging participants to use the training set for training purposes. But you may use the provided ground truth labels as long as you are otherwise following the rules of the competition. For example, you might use the ground truth labels as a test set after training your model with the training set.

Check out the “Getting started” blog post for some more information on how to use the training set.

Hope this helps!

Hi @qqerret. Sorry for the delay. Yes, that is OK.