Private subset results

Hi everybody!
In the problem description, we can read:

During the competition, submissions will also be run against a private subset from season 11. In addition to the public leaderboard, we will post an announcement every week or two with a list of the top 25 teams as evaluated against that subset, along with the score of the top team.

I have not found that info. Is it available?



Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any information regarding this weekly post of the scores on private subset from season 11?
It would be very handy to make sure we aren’t over-fitting to season 10 :slight_smile:


First announcement is available here!


Thanks @bull. Can I request that next time we see scores besides the leader? Would be more informative re: relative rankings, and how much more work we need to do :slight_smile: Would be interested to see how far behind my best entry is for eg.

We’re going to stick to just releasing what we said we would in terms of information about the private subset. As we have seen, the private leaderboard tracks well with the public one (only some slight overfitting for season 10).


Next update is available! See it on the announcements page:

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