Possible Error in Swift Data

It appears there may be at least one inconsistency in the swift_transaction_train_dataset. Please take a look at UETR ‘0006e5d0-f832-4301-937b-9035117aeebc’. There are three messages in one end-to-end transaction and they look to be reversed as there is no ‘DPSUFRPP-611024064274699841’ account in the bank_dataset. If the date on ‘TR7C5WDX3O’ is changed to 1/3 from 1/4 then it makes sense. Can you confirm if this is the case?


Hi @jimking100,

It does appear that the case you’ve identified is inconsistent with what is expected in the dataset based on the documentation. Please consider errors like this to be noise in the dataset.

Got it, that is the approach I have taken. Thanks!