Pose estimation track additional rules

“For the pose estimation track, your relative pose prediction for each image in the chain may only use images up to and preceding the given image. Your model is never permitted to “look ahead” in the image chain.”

I am confused this rule and need your confirmation to clarify. For example: prediction at the index 50 in the chain id has 100 images, I am able to use
Option 1: 0,1,2,…,49,50
Option 2: 0,50,51,…,99
Option 3: 0,49,50,51
Option 4: 0,49,50
Option 5: 0,50,51
What is the right choice?

Hi @dungnb,

Each chain of images is a sequence given in chronological order. You can think of the index column i as a proxy for time (in that it’s ordered like time; the raw values/scaling is meaningless).

With that in mind, your “Option 1” is the correct interpretation of this requirement. The prediction for image i=50 is only allowed to use images where i <= 50.

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