One question about Phase 2

Whether the script to submit the track2 h5 file is the same as phase 1, except for the query IDs. That means it will be something like this:

import h5py
import numpy as np
from import read_descriptors, write_hdf5_descriptors

name_r, M_ref = read_descriptors(['features/xxx.hdf5'])
name_q, M_query = read_descriptors(['features/xxx.hdf5'])

qry_ids = ['Q' + str(x).zfill(5) for x in range(50_000, 100_000)]
ref_ids = ['R' + str(x).zfill(6) for x in range(1_000_000)]

out = './submit_track2_visionforce.h5'
with h5py.File(out, "w") as f:
    f.create_dataset("query", data=M_query)
    f.create_dataset("reference", data=M_ref)
    f.create_dataset('query_ids', data=qry_ids)
    f.create_dataset('reference_ids', data=ref_ids)

Thanks, @dd-mike

Hi @wenhaowang. Yes, the submission format will be identical to Phase 1.

And the query IDs should be changed to 50000~99999?

@wenhaowang Correct.

OK! Thanks and good luck to me!