My solution (2nd place so far)

I used a dataset from Pavel Pleskov, which was reduced to 512 on the wide side. He used PIL and ANTIALIAS interpolation.
What did not work in this competency:

  1. All other ways to read images (opencv, jpeg4py, dali), except for those used by Pavel.
    I got my first result from using dali data loader and was very happy. But then I was struggling to achieve the same local score on LB.
  2. Sampling.
    I tried to take rare classes more often, emptiness less often. The score worsened. I also tried to speed up the whole train and throw 70% of the easiest samples, where the loss is already almost 0, also did not work.
  3. Imagenet-style RandomCrop.
    Which default in torchvision and dali. I broke my brain to understand how to choose the parameters in order to set the same scale as it would be for the test. As a result, I switched to Albumentations and everything turned out.
  4. Small resolution.
    For a very long time (like a couple of days) I experimented with the size of the input image in the region of 224 and could not break through the loss of 0.0040. Then I increased it and everything worked out.

What worked in and how my solution looks like:

  1. swsl_resnext50, wsl_resnext101d8. The first convolution and the first BN are frozen during all stages of training.
  2. pytorch-lightning, apex O1, distributed
  3. WarmUp, CosineDecay, initLR 0.005, SGD, WD 0.0001, 6-8 GPUs, Batch 256 per GPU
  4. loss / metric torch.nn.MultiLabelSoftMarginLoss
  5. Progressive increase in size during training. Wide side resize: 256 -> 320 -> 480
  6. During training, resize to ResizeCrop size on the wide side -> RandomCrop with ResizeCrop / 1.14 size. Moreover, the crop is not square, but rectangular with the proportion of the original image. During inference, resize to ResizeCrop and that’s it.
  7. From augmentations: flip, contrast, brightness. With default parameters from albumentations
  8. TTA: flip
  9. Averaging within one series - gmean
  10. TTA prediction and model averaging - gmean

Nice work.
Thanks for sharing!

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Excellent - well done @n01z3 and thanks for sharing your approach.

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Thanks for sharing! :smile: