Midpoint Feedback

Hey all,
Curious if anyone has gotten feedback from NASA around the midpoint submission? Thanks!

Hi @chirag.shah285,

We appreciate you taking part in the midpoint submissions. Expect to get feedback from the judges by early next week.

Thank you for your patience!

@mike-dd I did not receive any midpoint submission feedback early this week, is there any delay?

Hi @amanulla,

Unfortunately, we did not receive a submission from you. Are you sure that you used the midpoint submission page to make a submission and it uploaded correctly?


hi @mike-dd , is it that every member of a team submit it? my team lead already submitted it.


Yes @mike-dd we did and @amanulla is part of my team. Please have look at once.


Thank you both for clarifying.

@asrini you should have received an email with subject “Midpoint submission for Research Rovers Challenge” this Monday, September 18. Perhaps check your spam folder?

I will also resend the email to both of your addresses.

We have received your forwarded email.
Thank you so much @mike-dd!!