Meaning of the Targets are Unclear


Can someone clarify what the targets are?

The text states, “The mean duration of each label within this window is used as the target variable.” Does this mean that if it’s .333 for walk, .333 for stand, and .333 for turning that the participant spend a third of a second on each activity in that time window.


That a third of the annotators through that they were walking, standing, or turning?

Can someone people clarify this for me :).


Hi fhidalgo,

Please refer to the FAQ under “Interpretation of targets”

To summarise, the data are segmented into one-second chunks, and the targets are given as the proportion of each activity that falls within each chunk. I made the image below to clarify:

The top A1 and A2 are the times over which two activities are annotated by one annotator. The lower A1 and A2 (which given hindsight when I drew this image should be P(A1) and P(A2), ie the probability of the two activities) represents the proportion of time during each one-second interval which each activity was annotated.