Is the leaderboard test set the final test set?

It seems like that is the case. Please clarify. Thank you.

Hi Cristoph,

Good question. As the competition rules mention, the final scoring is based on a “private leaderboard.” When the competition ends, this score becomes public (see Box-plots for Education as an example).

The public leaderboard for this competition–i.e., what you see on the leaderboard now–is based on a portion of the test set. The final score–i.e., the private leaderboard–is based on the entire test set.

TLDR: no, the leaderboard is not the final score.


Hello! How big is public leaderboard’s test set?

Hi @1aguschin generally we use between 1/3 to 1/2 of the test set data in the public leaderboard.

Thanks for your reply. One more question: Is the final ranking of the private leaderboard based on the best submission or on the last submission?

Only your best submission is counted towards ranking on the private leaderboard.