How to use the 'make pull' requests?

This is actually my first time dealing with drivendata comps and I am unable to understand how to use the ‘make pull’ and the other 2 commands in a windows based system using anaconda. Can somebody please guide me on how to use all these commands?

Hi @Ba_nam_12, we’re glad to have you.

The code execution challenges are among the most challenging, and require the more experience with Linux, GNU command line tools, and containerization with Docker.

Because we’re using Docker, and because many of the tools have been ported to Windows, it’s certainly possible (though not the easiest path) to use Windows. Still, you may want to read up a bit on Make, and be sure you have the correct tools installed before getting to the competition.

Past that, can you be more specific about the errors you are getting? Have you installed the necessary tools and can you run the commands at all?

Thanks for the reply sir. On using the make command in the notebook this is the error I was getting:

So I downloaded the make-4.4.1.tar.gz from the link you provided in the reply however I am unable to understand how to move ahead, because on clicking the install file in the folder , all I am getting is that this file is incompatible with my system