How do we modify all variables to be on the same scale?


I am new to data science. From what i understand the variables have different scales like 0.250.25 or 0.50.5. How do i resolve them to the same scale?
I am not sure if a simple scaling up/down is accurate.


Under sklearn.preprocessing you can find various module for scaling, centering, normalization, binarization and imputation.

In most cases StandardScaler or MinMaxScaler should work fine.

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With reference to “precipitation_amt_mm” with (0.25x0.25 degree scale) & “reanalysis_sat_precip_amt_mm” with (0.5x0.5 degree scale) the valus are the same.
Do we still have to consider changing the scale?
How does it impact?

Hi David,
the values are similar but not the same. I’m not sure why,though.

Thanks Adam.
I really appreciate your response.

  • David