Has Satellite image water range?

From benchmark notebook, I select feature image by closet day. But, there are some problem.

  1. Are landset images blackout?
  2. Are sentinel images has water region?
  3. SCL of sentinel has different size from image array, so I can’t select water region simply

If you have resemble problem or the answer, idea, please replies in this topic.

Hi Nyantaro! Here are a couple tips related to questions 2 and 3, hopefully these are helpful. I’m not sure about question 1.

  1. Sentinel images do include both water and land.

  2. You are correct, the SCL band of Sentinel-2 is a different resolution than the visible bands so selecting the water region is a bit trickier (see band details here). SCL has resolution of 20m, while the visible bands have a resolution of 10m. This means to match the water region to the visible image array you have to account for the different resolutions and resize one of the bands.

Best of luck!


Oh! really thanks to answer my question, kwetstone!! It’s hopeful for me. If you have a time, I want to ask more deeply, it’ below,
2. Sentinel ~ land. → Do landsat images also has asset which include water region information?
3. You are ~ bands. → I didn’t clear resize task. What’s the way to resize tiff or ndarry (after of converted) in python?