GEAC: Update on Results & Data Usage

Hello GEAC competitors!

Today we announced the results of the Genetic Engineering Attribution Challenge (here and here)! Thank you all for participating – and, of course, congratulations to all of our winners! It’s been great to see so many people achieve such great results on such an important problem.

Several of you have contacted us regarding getting permission to write up your approaches after the competition. The purpose of this post is to lay out the process for this.

Teams who did not receive a prize retain full ownership of their code and other IP from the competition. However, to use the dataset outside the competition, including for publishing your model or results, you need to get permission from our data source. I’ve been speaking to them about this, and I am happy to announce that they are happy to grant permission to anyone who wants to use the data from this competition for noncommercial purposes. However, any team that wants to do this will need to sign a separate licensing agreement with their organization.

If this is something you’re interested in, email us at, and we will respond with more details about how to proceed.

Thank you all again for participating in this competition! It’s been really exciting for us to see how the community here at DrivenData has risen to the occasion. You’ve all contributed to making the world a safer place. :slight_smile:

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