Frame 406 out of bounds for video BWfoPIhDjX8JuQhd

Hi, there seems to be a problem with frame index for video BWfoPIhDjX8JuQhd and several others - it has only 406 frames, and since frames are zero-indexed, the last valid index is 405, but training data has an entry for frame 406 (and from the video it seems that this entry really refers to the missing 406 frame). I’m using ffmpeg to check this. Does anyone else has this problem?

Same issue for (mTNyy3QouO4eyYdK, 229) and (rtGSp04QA4lR3Nun, 365).

Thanks for the report, @lopuhin. Looks like this was an artifact of the encoding process for a small handful of videos. We’ll be updating the data downloads and providing drop in replacements (so you don’t have to re-download everything) in the next couple days. Will update this thread when those are available on the data download page.

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This issue has been resolved, and new data is on the data download page:

There’s also a link to a file that just contains the videos that need to be changed so you don’t have to re-download everything.

Thanks a lot for resolving this so quickly! Now all frames can be found.