Forecasting Power Consumption: buildings description meta-data

In the Problem description page it’s noted that there is “Meta-data about the building, e.g., whether it is an office space, a restaurant, etc.”. But I don’t see such meta-data in the data provided. Could it be added, please?

BTW, we have such meta-data for anomaly detection challenge.

Hi @bull ,
Any update on buildings meta-data like “whether it is an office space, a restaurant, etc.”? Would it be added to the forecasting competition? Why don’t we have such meta-data for forecasting competition?

There is also a note in Performance metric description that says:

Average NWRMSE for some categories of buildings will be computed to appreciate performance on some categories.

Does it mean that the actual score on LB is the average of NWRMSE of different building categories? Like avg(NWRMSE(buildins_by_category))? Is it possible to get such building categories?

Yes, I have the same question. I think it will give better prediction, if the use of the building is also provided. I’m guessing that the space area without the intended use probably won’t be a good measure to estimate the use unless all buildings are for similar business use.
To all who were working on it, really appreciate your comments on how you all derived it?


For this competition, the only building metadata that is available is in the metadata.csv file.

Ok, I guess we don’t need to be concerned about the building use then.
Thank you!