First place removed

What happened? Somebody got to first place with a 0.85 score in the Pump it Up challenge, which is quite a bit above the other solutions (place 2-18 all where in the 0.82’s). But today, three days later, the score is removed?

Hi @basvb,

We removed that submission because the user who made that submission asked for it to be removed.

This competition is just for fun, so we appreciate all the hard work that people are putting in! In fact, we’re working on a couple ways to help showcase the awesome submissions that have been made so far. Stay tuned for that!


Aah ok, Thank you for your answer.

Makes me very curious about what caused this big jump in accuracy. As all others seem te be stuck at a 0.82 ceiling for months I expected this to be just below what is possible with the given data.