Date extension for Unsupervised Wisdom Project

was kindly requesting for a date extension from the deadline date of 6th Oct. I’m having issues with my laptop where I’ve been doing all my work from

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Hello, Sorry to hear about your computer troubles! Unfortunately we cannot extend the submission deadline. We encourage you to submit what you’ve got by 11:59pm UTC tonight (Friday Oct 6th).

Hello organizers,

It seems like a deadline of 11:59pm for AoE (anywhere on earth) may be more inclusive for the global community in general.

AoE time line is currently used in NeurIPS workshops, e.g. NeurIPS 2023. It ensures that everyone on earth will be given exactly the same amount of time regardless of time zones they are in.

Of course, just a minor thought for future considerations :wink:

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the feedback! We care about inclusivity, and appreciate your note.

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