Concept in scope


The concept in scope is defined into only three categories here - Competition: SNOMED CT Entity Linking Challenge

However, as per training data, the concept in scope is not restricted to these 3 categories.

    "finding": 18664,
    "procedure": 17197,
    "disorder": 8935,
    "body structure": 4436,
    "morphologic abnormality": 1683,
    "regime/therapy": 619,
    "cell structure": 16
  1. Do the users need to skip the rest of the categories while training?
  2. Does the test set contain categories other than ‘finding’, ‘procedure’, and ‘body structure’?


It looks as though you are using the semantic tag as a category.

The use of the SNOMED CT terminology is defined by the concept hierarchies, not semantic tags, and all of the tags you have listed are on the Fully Specified Names of concepts that are descendants of the three high-level SNOMED CT concepts, body structure, procedure and clinical findings.

For example, disorder and finding are all the semantic tags of concepts that are descendants of clinical finding, regime/therapy concepts are types of procedures, and cell structure and morphologic abnormality are defined as types of body structure.

To get an idea of the structure of SNOMED CT, please have a look at the SNOMED CT browser,

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Hi @rorydavidson ,

Thanks for the clarification.

I would recommend reading the starter guide, which you can find here - SNOMED CT Starter Guide - SNOMED CT Starter Guide - SNOMED Confluence

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