Competition End?

The competition page says the competition has 1 week left, but I can’t find the actual end date anywhere. Will it complete after the end date, somwehere in the next week (Kaggle has some of their learning competitions on a rolling basis)?

Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

Looks to me like it says there are 9 months, 1 week left, which is rounded to 9 months here. Were you seeing something else? If so, may be a bug, and we’d love to track it down.

And, to answer your question, the for fun competitions will stay up as long as they are interesting to the community. End dates are set for us to evaluate their relevance and maybe swap them out for new projects.

So, short answer, you’ve got plenty of time left!


Ah, thanks for the quick reply. You are correct, no bug. I interpreted it as “9 months [duration]. 1 week left”. I read it the way I wanted to, I guess :wink:

So in that case, any word on a new batch of competitions! I like the idea of competing to help a good cause.

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There are some great ones in the pipeline, so . . .

:grin: :grin: :grin:

Stay tuned!