Can you add new Python third-party libraries for running code

Can you install ASAP environment for the competition container? According to my test, ASAP has a greater speed improvement in reading tif data compared to openslide/pyvips, especially at the larger level. I think the faster read speed can spend time on model enhancement instead of wasting time in waiting


Hi @Biototem, you can find instructions for adding runtime packages here.

ASAP is just a package that can be installed quickly via deb and open the read access to /opt/ASAP/ after installation, because ASAP is installed there, no need to install it in conda or pip, because ASAP is not in these sources, is it too complicated to submit a branch to build a Docker script on my side, because ASAP is not in these sources?

Based on the existing container environment, ASAP can be installed at this link, there are no additional pip libraries:

The installation command is also very simple:

sudo dpkg -i ASAP-2.1-py310-Ubuntu2004.deb

Of course, I will try to install requirements and add build requirements, but I am not very familiar with this aspect, and we will maintain communication

Issues were launched on github for the repository and it seems they did not see.We have finished the basic build of Docker, but we need to ask some questions, can you help us and the repository maintainer to get communication, thank you very much.

@emily Look forward to your reply