Announcement: Flu Shot Learning at Good Tech Fest 2020

Interested in engaging with other data scientists for good? Join DrivenData at Good Tech Fest 2020 (May 19–20). This year the conference is virtual and, thanks to sponsor support, you can now register for free! Use the code JOINUS to register at no cost.

If you're looking to learn about getting started with this challenge, check out the Intro to Machine Learning tutorial session where DrivenData's own Jay Qi will walk through our benchmark solution.

DrivenData is also hosting a special community leaderboard of the Flu Shot Learning competition for conference attendees, and we are looking for attendees to present lightning talks about their work. Did you create an interesting visualization as part of your exploratory analysis, or think up a clever modeling trick? We invite you to share your work and connect with other data scientists from around the world in real time. Register for the conference to learn more.