Advice on learning ML


I’ve actually just started learning ML and data science, less than a month back. I’m almost through Andrew Ng’s course, which is awesome, but I’m starting to realize that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Whenever I learn something new, I like actually applying what I’ve learned - which is why I came to DrivenData. The Warm Up: Blood Donation seemed like a pretty good place to start, and I gave myself a pat on the back after getting a rank of 159.

Here’s the thing. I’m using GNU Octave for my submissions, which I think is good for learning, but not that good for actual ML applications. I didn’t even know algorithms like random forest, etc till browsing the comments section here.

I would like some suggestions on where to go and what to learn, for more in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning, which I can actually apply irl. Thanks!