A big THANK YOU from Stall Catchers!

Dear Clog Loss competitors,

My name is Pietro. I founded the Stall Catchers project, which created the data for this competition. We created Stall Catchers, because four years ago, available models were not accurate enough to support the biomedical research. It has always been our dream that eventually the crowd-generated labels produced by Stall Catchers could be used to improve ML models, which could then participate directly in the analysis of new Alzheimer’s research data.

Your amazing efforts, which I am tracking closely with great interest, are turning this dream into reality.
Our platform is designed to extract value from any agent that performs better than chance. Thus, every single model in this competition with a non-zero MCC could ultimately help us accelerate Alzheimer’s disease research, which affects millions of people around the world.

So as a fellow modeler (I was tinkering with perceptrons in the late 80s) who appreciates your creativity and determination, and as a fellow human who is no more immune to Alzheimer’s disease than any of us, I want to thank you. By accelerating our pursuit of a treatment target for Alzheimer’s disease, your modeling efforts in this competition can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Pietro Michelucci and the Stall Catchers project team