Using forecasts as external data

I would like to ask if using snow forecasts as external data will be considered. This is the first website that I have found but probably there are plenty of snow forecast for USA.


Should I bother looking for forecasts or this won’t be accepted and we can rely only on data for doing our predictions, not in other people’s forecasts?

Nobody answered :frowning:

Anyhow since now I understand that the problem is not about forecasting but about increasing the resolution of SWE data there is no incentive in using snow forecasts.

Hello @ironbar,

I think that counts as “Additional climate data”, so you would need to fill the official request form so you can use it. If it is approved, then I guess that you can use that data up through the day of estimation. Let’s see if an admin can confirm if I am right or not.

Hi @ironbar - Thanks for your patience. It seems you figured this out from the responses in our other thread.

And yes, in general @Galeros93 is also right about additional data sources like this. Additional data can be explored during model training, but only approved sources are allowed for generating predictions during real-time evaluation. The description on the website and the data request form includes what is required for an additional source to be considered, including a demonstration that the source adds clear value beyond existing approved sources (like the HRRR climate data source). Again, in this case it seems you tracked down the answer already.

Good luck!