Units of yield; total SA of nets?

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This is a fascinating challenge!

Do you think it’s safe to assume that the units for yield are in liters? (I’m in the US, always a good question to ask here…) Also, can anyone provide information as to the total SA of the nets for which the yield is given?

I’ve dug around the Dar Si Hmad website, and it looks like there’s a site on the summit of Mt. Boutmezguida that has 600 sq m of netting. It this the site for which we have yield info?


Hi @ashleyatslalom, welcome and thanks for participating!

The measure of yield is actually unit-less (it’s scaled from what is reported by the sensor). Also, the data for the competition comes from a new generation of nets (not the 600 sq m installation). I’ll check on getting the area for the new net array.

Hi @bull,

Thanks for the quick reply. If the measure of yield is unit-less, is there a way to get enough information to convert it into liters?

We don’t currently have that info, but may be able to get it. Just curious–what do you want to use it for?

I’m thinking of ways to bring both data sets together to show, for example, how the water captured by fog nets could offset or supplement a community’s water usage.

If the communities listed in the water usage data set are currently using water collected from fog nets or are being considered as potential communities where fog-net water is available, it could be interesting to show what impact this might have on how much people are paying for water or what % of their water wouldn’t be coming from the aquifer.

Hi Buli
what disturbed me it is mentioned as normalised, but I do not think so, that there is a scale of some sort ok, but normalised will be in reference to the mean or median and therefore we shall have negative values.
It means if there is zero value we do not have collected water in our case. Or am I wrong ?
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Hi @Lesaffrea, we meant “normalized” as in put on the same scale, not demeaned. Thanks for noting the confusion; we’ve updated the documentation to be more clear!

Also, still working on getting non-relative measures we can use to tie to the consumption data. Will update if we can get that.



Any updates on getting information about how to convert yield into liters of water?


Hi @ashleyatslalom,

Still working to see if we can get a conversion that will be reliable. There are a number of complications in both the water collection and water consumption systems that prevent a direct connection from the data sets that we’re able to provide as part of the competition.

For example, there are multiple generations of installed nets, but the yield data is just for one set of nets. The goal of the prediction competition is to be able to predict yield on this new generation of nets. However, the water consumed does not just come from the nets where the yield data.

I’ll update the thread as we’re able to get more details!


Hi @bull I am also interested in analyzing the yield data with the conversion data. Did you find any way to convert the yield data in cubic meters or any other conversion units through which we can compare the consumption versus yield. In case of viz challenge do we need to use only Consumption data or we can use any other data set to.

Hi @Ankur @ashleyatslalom, sorry to say that we won’t get a reliable way to connect those two measurements before the competition is over. It would have been a valuable connection to draw, but it’s not feasible with the data currently available. :slight_frown: