OFFICIAL: (Optimizing Demand) Package requests for inclusion in requirements.txt

Could you please add the folowing libs to requirements.txt:


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It would be nice to extend the deadline. I have just join the challenge and I dont know which libraries I will end up using.

I don’t understand why the last day is 26 February when remains one month to the end and making changes on a txt file is so fast and easy.

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On thing that concerns me is the package version. What is two people request different the same package but with different versions? Who wins out?!

Making this the official thread for package requests. Given we’ve only seen a few requests, I am moving the deadline for requesting packages to 3/9. There will not be another extension.

@c3josh the versions will be decided on a per-package basis, with the operating assumption that the newest version compatible with the entire dependency tree as of 3/9 will be used.

Also, including cvxpy as per:


@bull also opencv-python.

@bull Hi. Could you add these packages?

@bull Also these:

My two posts due to the new user link limit.

It may be useful to include packages like cython and numba to deal with time limits

Hey, can you also add ortools? Note that it relies on some non-python stuff, so “pip install ortools” alone probably won’t work.

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What is this package request thread for ?

@oxfordmale See here:

Hi Bull,

Could you please add Ortools, pulp, and pyomo which are easy to install with pip?

Thank you,

please add
pip install cvxopt

please add:
pip install gym

Could you please add the folowing libs to requirements.txt:


The requested packages have been added, looks like an interesting array of tools! See this commit:

@dmytro It appears that numba/cython are already available since this is an Anaconda base image.