Lookup online resources in runtime

Is it allowed to access open online resources in runtime? E.g. identifying objects in picture and access the wikipedia page for that object.

no its forbidden in the rules I tried that too

Can you cite the rules please, all that I can find is

External Data (defined in the Competition Rules) is permitted

Hi @jzju thanks for the question. We don’t know exactly how you intend to use this, but as mentioned be sure to thoroughly read the Competition Rules around external data. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to use any outside resources.

You can find the Official Rules on the right side of the challenge page, directly below the Discussion tab that links to this forum.

@glipstein My question is more about the online part which makes the model require internet and that results in theory may not be reproducible as online resources may change or disappear.

@jzju Good question. The biggest consideration is that solutions need to be reproducible using the process described in order to be eligible. You can experiment for fun, but the solution could be disqualified if we can’t reproduce it, so we would suggest not depending on online resources unless there’s a static version of that data you’re able to reference.