Features_md5_hash - column in meta data

In the metadata, we have a column named “features_md5_hash”. But I couldn’t find any details about this column. Can tell me what is this column for?

Hi @Kugan,

This column is described in the “Description” section for “metadata.csv” on the Data Download page.

features_md5_hash—MD5 checksum for the features CSV file

It allows you to check whether you have the correct contents for the features CSV files. You can, for example, use the md5 or md5sum programs to generate the MD5 hash for the files you downloaded.

❯ md5sum train_features/*.csv | head -n 5
017b9a71a702e81a828e6242aa15f049  train_features/S0000.csv
0d09840214054d254bd49436c6a6f315  train_features/S0001.csv
3f58b3c9b001bfed6ed4e4f757083e09  train_features/S0002.csv
e9a12f96114a2fda60b36f4c0f513fb1  train_features/S0003.csv
b67603d3931897bfa796ac42cc16de78  train_features/S0004.csv

These hashes should match the ones in the features_md5_hash column.

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