Current test targets

will the targets of the current test data be released on 15 JAN?

I already have a question related to the target. Could we use the stats of the target in the models (I know the historical targets are not allowed to use) ? For instance, could we use SWE of last years in the same season to predicts the SWE this year?

Hi @mchahhou @motoki - Thanks for the question. There will be more information about this in the Evaluation Stage which will be released this week. You can check there and see if that clears up your questions.

Keep in mind that regardless of the year, only the SWE ground measures from the approved feature cells can be used as input during inference. These cells are distinct from the test cells in the submission format. You can see this thread for additional context. So @motoki if I understand that question then the answer would be no.

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