Consumption Aggregation Types

Just to be very explicit, can we assume that all consumption values are extensive (summed) and not intensive (averaged/mean) when we aggregate them?

Another way to think about this is “Are all of the consumption units all kWh or similar and not kW or an other usage rate?”.

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I don’t understand you. Could you be more explicit?

I’m assuming c3josh is asking whether the consumption data units are in kWh or kW which would depend on whether it refers to the total energy consumed in an hour or the average consumption over an hour period.

It shouldn’t matter either way as the difference between the two would be the same ratio for all values.

@ABourn - yes.

However, if the daily/weekly scores are in kW (we do not have examples of these), these will be averaged when aggregating. This means we will be x24 out and x168 out for daily and weekly respectively.

I very much doubt this is the case, but I wanted to be 100% sure when making submissions.

Also, there is a chance some of these energy usages are gas, and so could be m^3 etc.

Still, this is irrelevant really as aggregating m^3 is summed and so equivalent to kWh.

According to the description

consumption - Consumption (watt-hours) since the last measurement

At least we know the unit.

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This answers my question. All aggregations are sums. Thanks!

Yes, the information in this thread is correct. The aggregation of consumption is a sum. Where temperature is aggregated it is an average.