Colab Pro job running slow

hey folks,

can anyone suggest hyperparameters to make the run job faster on Google colabpro ? For me, each epoch is taking 6-8 hours. This is running the sample code with 4 bands given by the organizers.

@ajijohn one recommendation is to use GPU rather than CPU. Another participant posted a few helpful pointers for code modification: IMPORTANT: How to speed up Inference & Queue time

I believe you’ll also have to make sure the google colab runtime allows GPU when you start it.

Thx @kwetstone for pointers, still sorting through Colab.

@ajijohn not sure if the issue is getting GPU set up, but if so this has a few tips: Google Colab - Using Free GPU

@kwetstone thx for the link, the issue was with files on Google drive. If I run the training with files on my personal Google drive folder, things are slow vs if I download the files in the active session.

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