Can you consider only my last submission

I was not aware of this rule " Query predictions must be independent of other queries. In other words, the image rankings produced for a given query should only use information from that query image and the associated database. You should produce the same rankings whether or not any other queries exist."
So I will send my last submission without it. But what if the best private LB for me was another submission. even though I know that this actually will not affect my score much maybe 0.0005 but it makes almost all my previous submissions not eligible. So could you please just ignore them and take into consideration only my last submission for my private LB score

Hi @Ammarali32,

We’ll be removing ineligible submissions at the end of the competition, and will follow up then. Any submissions that are not disqualified may still be considered for the private leaderboard.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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@dd-mike Oh, it’s relieve. thank you ))