Can i submit now?

I am just new to DataDriven. I just joined Hateful Memes Competition Phase 1

  1. Can i submit now?
  2. Whats the difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2
  3. Can we PseudoLabel the test set for training my network again?
  4. Can i use previous solutions like GitHub - HimariO/HatefulMemesChallenge

Thanks in Advance

Hi @mohri – Thanks for reaching out, and welcome!

  1. Yes, Phase 1 is still open for practice and learning
  2. Phase 2 was the prize phase open in October 2020, when participants had up to 3 total submissions on an unseen test set
  3. Not for this competition - see thread
  4. These are open source and freely available to use

Good luck!

Hi, will phase 1 submissions be closed in 5 days?

Hi @shivgodhia - Yes, Phase 1 submissions will close at the end of the month.

Hi @glipstein in that case can the test set labels be released?

Hi @shivgodhia - Yes good news–the research team is planning to release the test sets including labels. Continued access to the data for multimodal research and development will be coordinated through the ongoing Hateful Memes landing page here:

Good luck!

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