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Am I reading this correctly (total newb, sorry), that the first two submissions for the Detecting Anomalies challenge have a perfect score?

The metric is a combination of precision and recall which go from 0 (worst) to 1 (best). So, there is still lots of room for improvement! :grin:

I believe the metric is a combination of precision and recall, so a score of 1 is perfect.

Ah. I was looking at the forecasting one and assumed the metrics were the same. Lot to learn here, thank you!

It looks like the problem description of “Power Laws: Detecting Anomalies in Usage” is same as “Power Laws: Optimizing Demand-side Strategies”

@singhs Thanks for the note–they were briefly redirecting to the same place, and that has been updated. They should be right now.

Can you add cvxpy to the packages included in the test environment? thanks.

Hi, I was wondering if it’s still possible to get the data from the Power Laws: Forecasting Energy Consumption competition. I know the competition series is closed now, but I’d like to use it for a student project. Thank you!